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Free Fedora Mask. I found this hat within the stuff I found shipped to us amongst all of my dear old Gramp's gear. Not quite my style, not quite his either I believe, but I think it might look good on you, sir. Login below with your Steam Account to get a Steam Key for the Fedora Mask. You will securely on Steam's website On Fedora, the System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) can be configured to cache and retrieve host SSH keys so that applications and services only have to look in one location for host keys. Because SSSD can use FreeIPA as one of its identity information providers, FreeIPA provides a universal and centralized repository of keys

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Fedora Labs is a selection of curated bundles of purpose-driven software and content as curated and maintained by members of the Fedora Community. These may be installed as standalone full versions of Fedora or as add-ons to existing Fedora installations The .ssh directory must be 700 (drwx-----), the authorized_keys file must be 644 or 640 or 600 (-rw-r--r--or -rw-r-----or -rw-----), and your home directory must not be group-writable. If you can't figure out whether the permissions are correct, post the output of ls -ld ~ ~/.ssh ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server and ls -ld ~ ~/.ssh ~/.ssh/id_rsa on the client The two keys are linked and cryptographically secure. One is your public key, and the other is your private key. They are tied to your user account. If multiple users on a single computer use SSH keys, they will each receive their own pair of keys At this point press the key sequence you wish to associate with the corresponding action. For example, you might want to assign Ctrl+H to the Home Folder action such that pressing Ctrl+H causes the file manager to open at the current user's home folder The Fedora Infrastructure team is pleased to announce that keys.fedoraproject.org is now up and running as a GPG keyserver. We are also part of the sks-keyservers.net pool, which means that some people using pool.sks.key-servers.net will be directed to our server. We have a very nice web interface, which was designed by Maria 'Tatica' Leandro Lombardo. This will [

To create a key, go the the Activities overview and select Passwords and Encryption Keys, which starts the application Seahorse. From the File menu select New... then PGP Key then click Continue. Type your full name, email address, and an optional comment describing who you are (e.g.: John C. Smith, jsmith@example.com, The Man). Click Create. A dialog is displayed asking for a passphrase for the key Fedora Linux 35 Schedule: Key. Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Changes requiring infrastructure changes) Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Changes requiring mass rebuild) Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (System Wide Changes I am running a freshly installed Fedora 34 workstation with Gnome 40.4.0. My keyboard is a wireless Logitech K360, which has multiple media keys: Volume up/down, mute, next/previous song, etc. The media keys behave very strangely - when I press one of them (e.g. volume down) , I looks like they execute a back action - like when you press back in a web browser

Ship the Microsoft keys in firmware. Allow a physically present user to enrol their own keys in the firmware interface. Fedora provides grub2, kernel and associated packages that are loaded by shim which is signed by Verisign (via Microsoft) Fedora releases prior to Fedora 18 will refuse to boot until the user disables secure boot in the firmware Use these steps if you are locked out of your Fedora CoreOS instance or need to change passwords or SSH keys. You must boot into single-user mode to regain access. 1. Boot in Single User Mode. Access the instance console in the Vultr customer portal. Click the Send CtrlAltDel button on the top right of the web console Fedora uses GPG-keys for signing RPM packages and ISO checksum files. They list the keys in use (including fingerprints) on a web page. The web page is delivered via https. For example the checksum file for Fedora-16-i386-DVD.iso is signed with key A82BA4B7. Checking who signed the public key results in a disappointing listing - Gafanomics, jouez à armes égales avec les Gafa : https://www.editions-eyrolles.com/Livre/9782212574234/gafanomics- Le clavier MX Keys en détails : https://..

The key is added to a special file within the user account you will be logging into called ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. When a client attempts to authenticate using SSH keys, the server can test the client on whether they are in possession of the private key. If the client can prove that it owns the private key, a shell session is spawned or the. View the profiles of people named Fedor Keys. Join Facebook to connect with Fedor Keys and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share.. Fedora is a Linux distribution developed by the community-supported Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora supports the YubiKey's OpenPGP, OTP-HOTP, OTP-TOTP, Yubico OTP, and FIDO U2F authentication protocols

pub 4096R/FD431D51 2009-10-22 Red Hat, Inc. (release key 2) Key fingerprint = 567E 347A D004 4ADE 55BA 8A5F 199E 2F91 FD43 1D51 pub 1024D/2FA658E0 2006-12-01 Red Hat, Inc. (auxiliary key) Key fingerprint = 43A6 E49C 4A38 F4BE 9ABF 2A53 4568 9C88 2FA6 58E0. If you use Fedora Linux packages, see this page fo Remapping Logitech K750 Mac keyboard FN keys to default layout on Fedora GNU/LinuxHelpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepa.. In this guide, we saw how to create a Fedora Linux live bootable USB key. This can be done from Fedora's own GUI application called Fedora Media Writer, or from the command line with the ddrescue utility. Both methods produce the same results, so you should use whichever one you find easier

Considering you are talking about Fedora 34, I suppose you mean using Wayland? If that's the case then yes indeed it is rather tricky. For my own (current) use either Gnome tweaks > Keyboard Mouse > Additional Layout options, or gsettings is enough.. This blogpost is the best I could find a while go: Custom keyboard layout in Wayland like Xmodmap in X1 Transfer your private key to your Windows 10 and put it under the [(logon user home).ssh] folder like follows, then it's ready to use Key-Pair authentication. Matched Content Fedora 34 : SSH Serve

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A great way to be more productive using Gnome is to use one workspace per application or per dedicated activity, and then use the keyboard to navigate between these workspaces. Let's look at a practical example. To open a Terminal in the current workspace press the following keys: Super + ter + Enter. Then, to open a new workspace press Super. On Windows 10 Version 1803 or later, OpenSSH Client has been implemented as a Windows feature, so it's possbile to authenticate with SSH Key-Pair without Putty and other 3rd party softwares. Transfer your private key to your Windows 10 and put it under the [(logon user home)\.ssh] folder like follows, then it's ready to use Key-Pair authentication

1. Rawhide starts Fedora Linux 34 development. Tue 2020-08-11. Tue 2020-08-11. 0. 2. Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (Changes requiring infrastructure changes) Wed 2020-12-16. Wed 2020-12-16 Remapping the keys means changing the input behaviour of your keyboard and making it work as we want, not as it was intended. In this post you will learn to remap the keys on Linux using 'xmodmap' and 'xkb' which are pre-installed on most of the linux distros. If you want to remap the keys in Windows then you can follow this post

Visual Studio Code packages for Fedora Linux are available on an RPM repository maintained by Microsoft. But you need to import GPG key and add the repository before doing the actual installation of VS Code on Fedora. Import repository key [fedora-websites] #408: Add F26 GPG keys fedora-websites; Re: [fedora-websites] #408: Add F26 GPG keys fedora-websites; Re: [fedora-websites] #408: Add F26 GPG keys. Fedora 9 (Sulphur) Fedora 8 (Werewolf) Fedora 7 (Moonshine) Fedora Core 6 (Zod) Fedora Core 5 (Bordeaux) Fedora Core 4 (Stentz) Fedora Core 3 (Heidelberg) Other resources. KEYS.txt: fingerprints of all below gnupg keys RPM-GPG-KEY-remi2021: the GnuPG public key of the key pair used to sign my packages (Fedora 34+ and new .src.rpm Il faut aussi vérifier que chaque clé tient sur une ligne dans authorized_keys (même si elle apparait sur plusieurs ligne a l'écran, dans le fichier elle ne correspond qu'à une ligne). 7.4 Caractères bizarres dans putty. Les versions actuelles de Fedora sont en UTF-8, et putty par défaut en ISO-8859-1 The Super key is your best friend for accessing modern operating systems. On a standard laptop, the Super key sits on the bottom row next to the Alt key. On most laptops and keyboards, it looks like the Windows logo. When you press the Super key, the activities overview displays and you will see all of the open applications zoomed out

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PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes Specifies the key types that will be accepted for public key authentication as a list of comma-separated patterns. So if you cannot use ed25519, you can, for one specific host, allow the use of id_rsa keys with: Host aHost Hostname a.hostname.com PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes +ssh-rs In this brief guide, we will see what is RPM Fusion repository, why should we install RPM Fusion repository, and finally how to enable RPM Fusion repository in Fedora, RHEL, and its clones like CentOS, AlmaLinux distributions One can delete SSH Keys using the following simple method on Linux or Unix-like systems. ADVERTISEMENT. How to delete SSH keys on Linux or Unix. The first step is to disable user using command as follows: Linux Lock An Account. Log in as root user: sudo -i Say lock out user named vivek. The syntax is

No ssh public key auth after upgrade to Fedora 33? Try a new elliptic curve key or PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes=ssh-rsa. Spent a few days this week trying to figure out why I could no longer ssh into one of my servers without a password, using my normal 3072-bit RSA id_rsa.pub Project Keys. The following keys are currently in use by the CentOS Project. Please note that CentOS Linux releases may have several GPG keys assigned (depending on the release and architecture). Worth knowing that for CentOS 8, there will be only one key that will be used for all architectures and also subsequent releases The difference between the fedora and a trilby in terms of key features like form and material is the size of the brim, the crown, and the wood felt material that typically makes up a fedora. A Fedora hat usually has a flexible mid-sized brim; a castled crown, typically creased at the center, pinched on both sides; and wool felt material Fedora vs Centos | Key Differences [Linux Distributions POV] November 19, 2020 by Greg Markovich. Both CentOS and Fedora are some of the most preferred, RPM-based Linux distributions (commonly referred to as Linux distros). While the two distros share a number of similarities, they cannot be used interchangeably However, Fedora 33's new encryption requirements will not accept the default RSA algorithm, so choose ECDSA or another supported algorithm when creating a key for use with Fedora 33. When you're ready, click the Generate button on the right-hand side. You might be prompted to generate some randomness by moving the mouse over the blank.

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When a Fedora version falls out of support, .NET is no longer supported with that version. Install the SDK (which includes the runtime) if you want to develop .NET apps. Or, if you only need to run apps, install the Runtime. First, add the Microsoft signing key to your list of trusted keys. sudo rpm --import https://packages.microsoft.com. I've tested this with Fedora 8 but it should also work with other Fedora versions - and maybe, with a little modification, also with other distributions. This howto is a practical guide without any warranty - it doesn't cover the theoretical backgrounds Input Shortcuts, Tips, And Tricks. Page 1: A First Look At Fedora And GNOME Shell. Page 2: Fedora 16 At A Glance. Page 3: Fedora 16 Installation: Phase One. Page 4: Fedora 16 Installation: Phase. The private key should have read and write permissions only for the user and no other permissions for the group and others. You should change the permission using the chmod command: chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa. Similarly, the public key shouldn't have write and execute permissions for group and other. chmod 644 ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pu Super key Switch between the Activities overview and desktop. In the overview, start typing to instantly search your applications, contacts, and documents. Alt + F2. Pop up command window (for quickly running commands). Use the arrow keys to quickly access previously run commands. Super + Tab. Quickly switch between windows


The site for people who want to establish the Network Server with CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian Fedora 11 - SSH Server - Keys Authentication : Server World Server Worl Install OpenVPN and Easy-RSA on Fedora 29/28. OpenVPN provides a robust and a highly flexible VPN daemon while Easy-RSA package is used to generate SSL key-pairs that is used to secure VPN connections. Both OpenVPN and Easy-RSA packages are available on the default Fedora repos. Run the command below to install them Key differences between CentOS and Fedora. Both are popular choices in the market; let us discuss some of the major difference: CentOS is based on RHEL and on the same code base and can be used, or the benefit of stability that is derived from RHEL, whereas Fedora is a base for implementing new functionalities mostly and is beneficial in this case Upgrade Ssh Client Keys And Remote Servers After Fedora 33, taxation of financial derivatives - nishith desai associates, jamiee dimon jp bitcoin, tarjetas para bitcoin 201 The provider of your .rpm signed it with its private key to proove it is a genuine file from them. We can verify it with the public key (but not sign, see wikipedia RSA PKI about public/private keys FYI) Practically that means you need to find the public key and import it in my case it was a file named: RPM-GPG-KEY ( from Red HAt distro

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From: Fedora Kernel Team <kernel-t...@fedoraproject.org> [redhat] New configs in security/keys Hi, As part of the ongoing rebase effort, the following configuration options need to be reviewed. CONFIG_KEY_NOTIFICATIONS As a reminder, the ARK configuration flow involves moving unreviewed configuration options from the pending directory to the. $ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys 1C61A2656FB57B7E4DE0F4C1FC918B335044912

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The preferred way to create an Ignition file is by transpiling a Fedora CoreOS Configuration (FCC) file with the Fedora CoreOS Config Transpiler, fcct. 1. Install fcct. The fcct utility is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Windows users may need to install Gpg4win to verify the file signature. Download the Fedora signing keys Oracle cannot sign kernel modules using the Fedora key. See also the Fedora FAQ in this regards. comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by marcmerlin If I build my own kernel with signed modules, I have the key, dkms builds the virtualbox modules on my laptop which has the kernel source and my signing key. Can you enhance the dkms script to use /usr/src. For Linux distributions with dnf such as RHEL, Fedora, or CentOS, there's a package for the Azure CLI. This package has been tested with RHEL 7.7, RHEL 8, Fedora 24 and higher, CentOS 7 and CentOS 8. The current version of the Azure CLI is 2.27.1. For information about the latest release, see the release notes

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  1. Add your SSH private key to the ssh-agent and store your passphrase in the keychain. If you created your key with a different name, or if you are adding an existing key that has a different name, replace id_ed25519 in the command with the name of your private key file. $ ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_ed25519
  2. Setting up public key authentication. Key based authentication in SSH is called public key authentication.The purpose of ssh-copy-id is to make setting up public key authentication easier. The process is as follows. Generate an SSH Key. With OpenSSH, an SSH key is created using ssh-keygen.In the simplest form, just run ssh-keygen and answer the questions. . The following example illustates t
  3. For users running our Plex Media Server on DEB-based (Ubuntu, etc.) or RPM-based (Fedora, CentOS, etc.) Linux distributions, it's possible to do so via our official repository. This article covers how to add the repository to Ubuntu and Fedora/CentOS. Other compatible distributions may work, but are not officially supported by Plex
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  1. Fedora Key Villas 5 Arcade Building 242-352-2255 Share. Tweet. Share. Upload Photos. User Photos; Upload Photos Business Reviews. 0.0. 0 Reviews. Submit a review of Fedora Key Villas. Select your rating below to get started. Call us at 242-352-2255. Share. Tweet. Share. Fedora Key Villas other locations.
  2. The site for people who want to establish the Network Server with CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian Fedora 12 - SSH Server - Keys Authentication : Server World Server Worl
  3. als (VTs). There are 12 virtual ter
  4. Description of problem: the key to verify packages of fedora and fedora-extras should be part of the installation iso-image to prevent spoofing Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): How reproducible: Steps to Reproduce: 1.fedora core just installed 2.yum install xloxkmore 3. yum downloads asks to import the key
  5. Keys related to general manipulation of windows and virtual screen. Keyboard panel Keys related to launching app, etc. xfce window manager keys panel 2017-02-04. xfce keyboard setting panel, default keys. 2017-02-04 Mouse Wheel. Hover your mouse over the taskbar, then scroll mouse wheel to cycle windows
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RPM Fusion provides software that the Fedora Project or Red Hat doesn't want to ship. That software is provided as precompiled RPMs for all current Fedora versions and current Red Hat Enterprise Linux or clones versions; you can use the RPM Fusion repositories with tools like yum and PackageKit. RPM Fusion is a merger of Dribble, Freshrpms, and. The key difference between Fedora Linux and Red Hat Linux was that Fedora's repository development would be collaborative with the global volunteer community. Fedora Linux was eventually absorbed into the Fedora Project, carrying with it this collaborative approach. Fedora Linux was launched in 2003, when Red Hat Linux was discontinued If you want to be sure the key it is asking you to import is the actual key that Fedora issued, you have to verify that for yourself. Thus the manual step. jake (Log in to post comments) Fedora distributes new keys. Posted Sep 11, 2008 16:25 UTC (Thu) by skvidal (guest, #3094) If you run yum with the -y it will import the key automatically.. A fedora is a rare drop from the Crazy archaeologist, it being the hat he wears.It is purely cosmetic and has no bonuses. The fedora can be stored in a costume room's armour case.. Players wearing a fedora can right click it via the Worn Equipment tab in and selecting Tip to perform an emote where the player tips their fedora [2] Download PuTTYgen and start it on Windows client computer. And next, Click [File]-[Load private key] like below. Then, Choose a file which is private key that you made in section [1]. [3] Click 'Load' button and load private key you made

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  1. In this article, you'll learn to disable SSH host key checking on a Linux machine - Ubuntu / Debian / CentOS / Fedora / Arch and any other system running Linux. In SSH host key checking, ssh checks a database containing identification for all hosts it has ever been accessed
  2. al to install Open SSH server on Fedora along with the way to enable and restart its services
  3. issue with new fedora 37 GPG key #1320. Open dustymabe opened this issue Aug 16, 2021 · 4 comments Open issue with new fedora 37 GPG key #1320. dustymabe opened this issue Aug 16, 2021 · 4 comments Comments. Copy link dustymabe commented Aug 16, 2021
  4. al/power shell
  5. On the first installation screen, select Install Fedora Workstation Live 32 and press [enter] key to continue. Fedora 32 Grub Menu. 3. After the installer loads the Fedora Live system, click on Install to Hard Drive option in order to start the installation process. Choose Install Fedora to Hard Drive. 4


  1. The private key should have read and write permissions only for the user and no other permissions for the group and others. You should change the permission using the chmod command: chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa. Similarly, the public key shouldn't have write and execute permissions for group and other. chmod 644 ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pu
  2. Fedora distributes new keys Posted Sep 12, 2008 9:27 UTC (Fri) by russell (guest, #10458) In reply to: Fedora distributes new keys by pjones Parent article: Fedora distributes new keys. Open content is even more contentious than open source software. There is a large quantity of opposition to keeping information free
  3. Once the keys are generated, type your key passphrase (choose a hard to guess one). Save Public key. Save Private key. 3. Configure your Linux server (create user, save public key) For this guide let's assume you regular name is autotimesheet (replace it with one that you use regularly)
  4. al window and download the PGP key. In this case, Linux Mint's PGP key is hosted on Ubuntu's key server, and we must run the following command to get it. gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 0FF405B2. Your Linux distro's website will point you towards the key you need
  5. al window. A. First we need to delete the old partitions that remain on the USB key. Open a ter
  6. al window, create a new shortcut, press the super key and search for keyboard or shortcut and launch it. Click on + option at the end of the list to create a new keyboard shortcut. Provide the required information, Like Name of the shortcut, command. You can name this anything.
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  1. But, in practice, most PC manufacturers do install this Microsoft key. Fedora shouldn't have any problem installing on a system with Secure Boot enabled. Modern versions of Ubuntu,.
  2. On RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, and other similar Linux distributions, it is highly recommended to install the relevant RPM packages from MariaDB's repository using yum or dnf.Starting with RHEL 8 and Fedora 22, yum has been replaced by dnf, which is the next major version of yum.However, yum commands still work on many systems that use dnf. This page walks you through the simple installation steps.
  3. keys are smaller - this, for instance, means that it's easier to transfer and to copy/paste them; Generate ed25519 SSH Key. Here's the command to generate an ed25519 SSH key: [email protected]:~ $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C [email protected] Generating public/private ed25519 key pair. Enter file in which to save the key (/Users/greys/.ssh.
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-A: For each of the key types (rsa1, rsa, dsa, ecdsa and ed25519) for which host keys do not exist, generate the host keys with the default key file path, an empty passphrase, default bits for the key type, and default comment. This is used by /etc/rc to generate new host keys In Fedora DS 1.0.4 and earlier, the directory /opt/fedora-ds/alias is used to store the key/cert databases for all server instances, and each one has a name like slapd-instancename-cert8.db. You are required to specify the database prefix, including the trailing dash (-) pub 1024D/1AC70CE6 2004-12-14 + Key fingerprint = 5389 DD00 C5BC 5168 12B4 3272 82ED 9504 1AC7 0CE6 +uid Fedora Project <fedora-extras@fedoraproject.org> +uid Fedora Pre Extras Release <pre-extras@fedoraproject.org> +uid Fedora Project <fedora-extras@redhat.com> +sub 1024g/4E1A9D43 2004-12-1 Install all packages that belong to the FEDORA-2018-b7b99fe852 advisory. By default lists packages that match all requested keys (AND operation). Keys are searched in package names and summaries. If the -all option is used, lists packages that match at least one of the keys (an OR operation). In addition the keys are searched. Fedora vs Ubuntu comparison. While Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution, Fedora is the fourth most popular. Fedora is based on Red Hat Linux while Ubuntu is based on Debian. Software binaries for these two distributions are therefore incompatible. Both distributions release a..

The Webmin RPM can be installed on Fedora, Redhat Enterprise, older Redhat versions, CentOS and all other distributions derived from Fedora or RHEL. In addition, it can be installed on systems running Mandriva, SuSE, TurboLinux, Caldera OpenLinux Create Self-Signed Certificates and Keys. 5. Now make this script executable and launch it to generate a new pair of Certificate and Key for your Apache SSL Virtual Host.. Fill it with your information and pay attention to Common Name value to match your server FQDN or in case of Virtual Hosting to match the Web address you will be accessing when connecting to a secure website People named Fedaa Keys. Find your friends on Facebook. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know. Log In. or. Sign Up. Fedoua Keys. See Photos. Fedora Keys. See Photos Hello, I have moved from an Arch Linux setup to Fedora Silverblue. On my previous Arch system, I had it set up so that I could unlock my full disk encryption by booting with a USB stick attached, with the USB stick containing a key file. If the USB stick was not connected, then I would be prompted for the passphrase like normal. I set this up by following the Arch wiki's instructions. To.

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Look for the line that begins with linux (use the Up / Down / Left / Right arrow keys to navigate); vmlinuz should also be on the same line. At the end of this line (you can place the cursor using the arrow keys at the beginning of the line, then press the End key to move the cursor to the end of that line) add a space followed by the number 3. Open this post in threaded view ♦. ♦ People named Feda'a Keys. Find your friends on Facebook. Log in or sign up for Facebook to connect with friends, family and people you know. Log In. or. Sign Up. Fedoua Keys. See Photos. Fedora Keys. See Photos. Keysi Federova The Beta channel is the most stable Microsoft Edge preview experience. With major updates every 6 weeks, each release incorporates learnings and improvements from our Dev builds. Download. for Linux (.rpm) Fedora / openSUSE. Also available for. Linux (.deb) Debian / Ubuntu. macOS

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The private key is stored away from prying eyes on your server, while the public key gets published in your domain's DNS records so that receiving mail servers can verify your DKIM-signed mail. As of version 2.10.1-2 of the OpenDKIM package, the RPM no longer auto-generates a default set of keys on initial start-up Key that will be modified. Can be a url, a file on the managed node, or a keyid if the key already exists in the database. If the key will be imported or removed from the rpm db. If no and the key is a url starting with https, SSL certificates will not be validated. This should only be used on personally controlled sites using self-signed. Buying Scorching Flames Fed-Fightin' Fedora for 113 keys 49.55 ref! Fastest accept in the bot world so just send me an offer and have your pure within seconds! Suggestions Recent. Scorching Flames Fed-Fightin' Fedora Submitted Thu, 05 Aug 21 19:38:29 +0000 by ★ ★ ★ aj. 175 keys. Orbiting Fire Fed-Fightin' Fedora. Bumped 15 minutes ago. Listed 45 minutes ago. by ScrapyardBot⚡️24/7. 24/7 Bot with best speed, price and refund policy available! I'm buying 1 for 15 keys 12.44 ref. Offer⚡or chat me !sell Orbiting Fire Fed-Fightin' Fedora. 15.2 keys. o.fire. Unusual Fed-Fightin' Fedora Orbiting Fire