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GORE-TEX clothes are generally made from three layers: a conventional outer shell fabric, plus two separate GORE-TEX layers with similar but quite different waterproof-breathable properties. On the inside, there's a relatively thin, relatively delicate inner membrane or film that's hydrophilic (water-loving), which readily allows water vapor. The Gore-Tex membrane is very versatile and is used in 2 layer, 3 layer, z liner constructions as well as being able to be combined with insulated garments. This means that it can really be made into clothing suitable for any activity whilst retaining the Gore-Tex standard for a durable, waterproof and windproof piece Overall, Pro 3L is the most technical and advanced Gore-tex membrane. The three layers of fabric include the inner liner, outer face fabric and sandwiched in between is the waterproof membrane with a trade secret construction Gore-Tex Fabric Technology. Gore-Tex® is a word or phrase we band around like many other brand names, as a means of describing a waterproof fabric. But there really is only one Gore-Tex® that is the prestigious brand that created genuine breathable, waterproof fabrics back in 1996 and anything else that exists in the market is an. In most cases, GORE-TEX is sewn underneath the uppermost layer of a garment. As a result, water can seep through the top layer, but it is stopped once it reaches GORE-TEX. In shoes and gloves, GORE-TEX is commonly added in the form of a bootie, but the W.L. Gore corporation's recently developed GORE-TEX Invisible Fit melds directly with the.

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GORE-TEX product technologies have been the gold standard for waterproof, but our new products range offer other benefits for your adventures The outer shell and the inner fabric of the garment. All 3 layers are laminated together and feel and act as one, hence they are usually stiffer and a bit thicker feeling then 2 layer ones. 2 Layer means the gore tex membrane is laminated to the outer shell and then only loosly covered by the inner layer Gore-Tex was co-invented by Wilbert L. Gore and Gore's son, Robert W. Gore. In 1969, Bob Gore stretched heated rods of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and created expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). His discovery of the right conditions for stretching PTFE was a happy accident, born partly of frustration GORE-TEX Fabrics offer exceptional strength, abrasion resistance and toughness as compared to other synthetic fibers, including other PTFE fibers. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications and industries, including the following: protective outerwear. military, safety, and protective services gear In a Gore-Tex product, layers are the most important thing. In between the outer layer and the inner layer is a microporous waterproof membrane that is stretchy, flexible, breathable, oleophobic, and waterproof. That material is the defining element of Gore-Tex shell fabrics, and it was created completely by accident

ELKTON, Md. (March 6, 2015) - Having launched GORE‑TEX® Active in 2011 and GORE‑TEX® Pro in 2013, W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) is now unveiling the most versatile 3-layer fabric ever.GORE‑TEX® products with GORE® C‑KNIT™ Backer Technology are 100 percent windproof and waterproof, yet lighter and even more breathable and softer than comparable previous generation products The GORE-TEX Pro is GORE-TEX's most rugged, most extreme, most everything fabric. This one is made for keeping you dry, no matter the circumstances. Very dry. It has a 3-layer construction, with not one, but a multi-layer membrane. Even if those pesky water droplets can get past one, they won't get past all GORE-TEX® 3 -layer fabric delivers optimal durability and performance. 3-layer GORE-TEX® fabric features a GORE-TEX® membrane laminated to a highly durable outer fabric as well as a protective knit liner fabric. GORE-TEX® 3 Layer Fabric is for extra rugged use. GORE-TEX® Paclite® Shells are the lightest, most packable GORE-TEX® fabrics In terms of their water column rating, Gore-Tex® is definitely the winner. With a waterproof rating of over 28.000mm, it is an extremely water-resistant technology. Helly Tech, on the other hand, is comparable to DryVent, which comes with a waterproof rating that averages around 15.000mm, but in this case it can go up to 20.000mm for the Helly. gore-tex crosstech® 3-layer moisture barrier Ideal for those who are really tough on their gear — the first to respond, always engaged, and the last to leave — GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® 3-layer moisture barrier is the toughest barrier in the industry, delivering rugged, long-lasting protection that exceeds the requirements of the NFPA 1971.

GORE-TEX® Middle Layer Salopette is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 11. Rated 5 out of 5 by Hugh1 from Great product Just worn these continuously for 8 days sailing back from Iceland. Was warm and comfortable even in 8 degrees, force 8 and 9 meter waves crashing on to me! Date published: 2020-09-07 A 3-layer GORE-TEX® laminate supplies incredible waterproof and windproof protection and breathability while the elimination of side seams and underarm articulation increases mobility, wherever the ride takes you. Expedition GORE-TEX® Jackets. Bitter cold calls for exceptional insulation. Which is why when designing for these conditions. Waterproof fabrics, like Gore-Tex and others, are made using a series of layers but some use 2 layers, some use 2.5 layers and some use 3 layers, so what is the difference and why should I care? Here we explain the pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of the different construction methods

Gore-Tex is more versatile than Gore-Tex Pro, and used in all-round garments. With the 2 or 2.5-layer versions, Gore-Tex can keep you warm, and the 3-layer version is high-performing, durable. GORE-TEX keeps you warm and dry with waterproof and windproof technology that performs in the harshest conditions. Shop Marmot for the protection you need Gore-Tex is a functional material for outdoor clothing and equipment that first appeared in 1976. At the heart of all Gore-Tex fabrics is a wafer-thin membrane made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene or Teflon). This microporous membrane - the pores are about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water - has been repeatedly developed in.

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  1. GORE-TEX jackets are durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. These are enduring products that maximise protection and comfort. Advanced garment design techniques are used to deliver superior protection against extreme and extended wet weather conditions, allowing you to push yourself harder and further in the face of adversity
  2. The partnership between Rab® and GORE-TEX® is an exciting one; together, we're already combining our years of experience to create world-class outdoor clothing that is entirely at home in the mountains. Our range of men's GORE-TEX® jackets features both waterproof and insulated jackets that utilise a range of GORE-TEX® fabrics, individually.
  3. Discover the new arrivals from the premium ski specialty brand. Spyder is Skiing. Types: Ski Jackets, Ski Pants, Sweaters, Shirts, Hoodies, Ski Gear, Ski Apparel, Ski Accessories
  4. The system is to be used in an insulated, triple-layering fashion, with the polypropylene undergarments as Layer 1, the polyester shirt/bib, liners and cotton/nylon trousers as Layer 2, and Gore-Tex outer garments as Layer 3
  5. The third, innermost layer isn't a mesh layer or print, but instead a pressed in high performance layer designed to breath while preventing oils and dirt from interfering with the waterproof membrane. This added protection allows for more sophisticated, breathable layers like Gore-Tex and eVent to be used, which would fail on their own
  6. Gore-Tex Waterproof ( 66) Gore-Tex Pro ( 18) Gore-Tex Infinium ( 2) Price. £105 £555. Colour. Black ( 10) Blue ( 24) Brown ( 1
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2-Layer Construction - The Gore-Tex membrane is bonded to the outer textile only and not the lining. This allows Gore-Tex garments to have a separate lining which can be combined with insulation like down fill. 3-Layer Construction - This method bonds the Gore-Tex membrane to both the outer textile and the lining, making for a more durable. Gore-Tex: An Introduction to the Material and Treatments by Nancy Purinton and Susan Filter Introduction to the Material. The history of Gore-Tex started in 1958 when Wilbert Gore identified a market opportunity for polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. This is better known to us as DuPont Teflon. remove the top or bottom two layers of blotter. The main difference between GORE-TEX Vs eVent waterproof and breathable properties is the makeup of the layers of fabric. In GORE-TEX®, the PU layer is solid to prevent oil and dirt from entering, but this means that sweat has to be removed in two steps: first, the sweat modules adhere to the PU film and then they diffuse through the fabric.

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  1. Airblaster Ninja Suit for the base layer win. For colder temps, layer a technical (non-bulky and breathable) fleece over that. I use an R1 pullover over the ninja suit when the ninja suit alone isn't enough. Very warm and low profile combo. Still maintains excellent wicking and breathability—complimenting the goretex properties well
  2. A typical Gore-Tex rain type shell will stop the wind and it will obviously stop water, but what it will not stop is the thermal transfer of a cold wind to your body. Even my Gore-Tex Klim Badlands will have me freezing my butt off in a cold wind or cold rain if I don't have an insulating mid-layer under it. #13
  3. ates to offer burn protection in situations involving heat and flame exposure, while retaining the key benefits of GORE-TEX rainwear. Explore
  4. ate in direct contact with light for easy visibility
  5. A mm/24 hours rating refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus a 10,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in. The higher the number, the more waterproof the item will be. Gore-Tex®, for example, has a waterproof rating of 28,000mm
  6. In any case, your insulating layer should be sized to over your mid-weight fleece layer and under your shell layer. Outer Shell — Some high altitude mountaineers will forgo the traditional hard shell, for an insulating down jacket that incorporates a technical Gore-tex shell material, and then switch to a down suit for the camps above 24,000 ft
  7. This is the most 'basic' of Gore-Tex variants, which can be found in a whole range of constructions which Gore-Tex term 2-Layer, 3-Layer and Z-Liner. Gore-Tex used to call this technology 'Gore-Tex performance Shell'. 2-Layer construction sees the membrane bonded to a face fabric only, with a separate inner lining suspended on the.

Gore Tex Active - As the name suggest, the fabric is ideal for high adrenaline outdoor pursuits. It's a 3-layer construction for maximum protection. Gore Tex Pro - The fabric is specifically engineered for severe environments. It's crafted from multiple ePTFE layers to boost its durability and reliability in harsh conditions adidas Golf Gore-Tex 2 Layer Jacket Mens The adidas Golf Gore-Tex 2 Layer Jacket is ideal for wearing on the golf course and provides protection from the wetter conditions when on celá specifikacecelá specifikac Shop Marmot men's outdoor clothing with GORE-TEX. GORE-TEX is a lightweight waterproof, windproof, and breathable membrane fabric for performance outdoors Gore-Tex fabrics will only be warm if there are a few internal layers to it. Aside from throwing on a solid mid - layer when you don your Gore-Tex jacket, you'll be able to find plenty of. GORE TEX® Overtrousers Our over trousers are made to order in 3 layer GORE-TEX® fabric, and designed with room to fit over your clothing, with a full reinforced seat area, keeping you dry and flexible whilst fishing

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adidas Climaproof Gore-Tex 2-Layer Waterproof pánské kalhoty - černé. Parádní sportovní pánské kalhoty výborné do deštivého počasí nabízí Gore-Tex materiál, prodyšnost, lehkost a pružnost. Velikost. XS. S. M. L. XL. XXL. Velikost EU 40-42 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58 60-62. Pas (cm) 71-75 76-82 83-90 91-99 100-109 110-12 Photo Credit: GORE-TEX® In terms of a rain jacket, it will utilize a technology like Gore-tex (Microporous PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) laminate), pictured above, in some form. 2 layer. When a jacket is two layer, it means that a protective inner coating is bonded to a face fabric like nylon or polyester Burton Three-Layer Gore-tex Surgence Jacket, Zůstaňte v pohodlí se super lehkou bundou s membránou GORE-TEX, která je speciálně navržena pro výstupy, backcountry a na turistiku. Výborná prodyšnost, která A combination of New GORE-TEX PRO Most Rugged membrane and our most resilient face fabric creates a more durable material with higher contamination resistance for longer lasting, fully waterproof protection. Shop GORE-TEX PRO. Stay Comfortable. with New GORE-TEX PRO. Stay Comfortable

Men's GORE-TEX® Jackets. 18 results. As outdoors people ourselves, we understand the importance of comfort and protection. That's why we develop high-quality GORE-TEX® clothing, shoes and boots, to help keep you protected from the elements. Signature GORE-TEX® waterproof jackets, boots and overtrousers are some of our hiking staples, while. GORE-TEX® 2-layer fabric combines lightweight, breathability, and softness - with excellent waterproofing.It also features a high-performance outer fabric bonded to the GORE-TEX® membrane, with a free-hanging inner lining; making it suitable for wearing around town or on the trail Rain Slayer Gore-Tex® Pant. Ultralight and compact rainwear, completely waterproof 3-layer Gore-Tex ® shell with fully taped seams, A-TACS Camo for superior concealment. MSRP: $299.99. Who'll stop the rain? The Rain Slayer Gore-Tex® Jacket is a thin packable layer, designed from the ground up to give you extremely lightweight and effective. GORE-TEX® 2-Layer Psycho Tech Anorak . translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price €399,99 €279,99-30% Color: Panderosa Pine. Choose your size XS S M L XL XXL. Product varian

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1つ前の記事を読んで、gore-tex(ゴアテックス)への理解度は深まったと思います。ところで、カタログやwebで2lや3lといったワードを見て、頭に?マークが浮かんだ経験はないでしょうか? gore-texアウターウェアには、大きく分けると2l (2レイヤー)と3l (3レイヤー)の2つがあります The Gore-Tex Pro most breathable technology represented the only area of disappointment for me. Breathability is the characteristic of three-layer Gore-Tex laminates that I've wished for improvements, with the possibly unrealistic hope that the other attributes remain unchanged 0P5000. Designed for the serious snow adventuress, GORE-TEX 2-Layer Psycho Tech Anorak is high performance and high style. Gore waterproofing, fully taped seams, light O?Neill Blue insulation, solvent-free water repellent coating, jacket to pant interface, wrist gaiters with thumbholes, armpit venting, a RECCO? reflector and more. The long side zipper allows for extra temperature control, easy. The most elaborate piece from this crop is the Misery Ridge Gore-Tex jacket, which features three layers of the waterproof fabric along with additional layers made from 100-percent recycled polyester. It's both wind and waterproof yet remains breathable, coming with a sand and grey color blocking that invokes its namesake trail

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Men's Athunder Gore-tex Waterproof Jacket - Blue / Yellow / Dusk Save 30% on selected products. 4.76 Stars 17 Reviews 4.76 17. More Colours. RRP: £250.00. Quick Buy Men's 24/7 Long Sleeve Zip Base Layer - Black Men's 24/7 Long Sleeve Zip Base Layer - Grey More Colours. £35.00. Quick Buy Men's 24/7 Long Sleeve Zip Base Layer - Gre The Fanes Shell Jacket is a durable 2-layer shell with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane and all the functional details you need for your alpine trekking and travel adventures. Designed to offer functional simplicity and protection for hiking and trekking in the Alps, the Fanes Shell Jacket has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR. Designed for serious runners, the Gore R7 (from £206) is made from a Gore-Tex fabric that has just two layers - with the waterproof membrane on the outside instead of being sandwiched between an. It keeps the weather out with burly Gore-Tex 2-layer fabric and a helmet-compatible hood, fits with ease over internal layers, is relatively stylish for advanced skiers, and has a full set of features for resort skiing and riding. The powder skirt isn't removable, but it tucks away nicely when not in use

Men's Venture 2 Jacket. $99.00. 3. Constructed with a waterproof, breathable and seam-sealed DryVent™ 2.5L fabric, the Venture 2 is a classic year-round rain jacket designed to withstand backcountry storms and is styled for everyday use. Stormflap with a hook-and-loop closure covers the center front zip adidas Climaproof Gore-Tex 2-Layer Waterproof pánské kalhoty - černé. Parádní sportovní pánské kalhoty výborné do deštivého počasí nabízí Gore-Tex materiál, prodyšnost, lehkost a pružnost Herno Laminar s navy blue Gore-Tex 2 Layers long parka. The Fandom Shop is bringing you great deals on lots of HERNO Coats Outwear including Gore-Tex 2 Layers parka At W.L. Gore, the chemical company most famous for Gore-Tex, there are no management layers and there is no organizational chart. Few people have titles, and no one has a boss. The core operating units are small, self-managing teams, all of which share two common goals: to make money and have fun 3 Layer GORE-TEX; GORE-TEX 3 Layer Fabric. 3-Layer Construction. Unlike the 2-layer construction, this construction bonds the GORE-TEX membrane to both the outer fabric and the inner lining. The benefit: no movement between the layers, which means less wear and tear, and enhanced durability

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GORE-TEX® Products with 2 layer construction. Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, with this construction a GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to the outer fabric only. The benefit: the separate lining inside improves wearing comfort and versatility. This construction can be combined with insulation, keeping the wearer dry and warm GORE-TEX. Suture. The GORE-TEX ® Suture is a microporous, monofilament suture of flexible biomaterial for excellent handling, reduced hole-leakage, and minimal irritation in soft tissue approximation. Physicians depend on GORE-TEX ® Sutures for numerous practical features and benefits: Smart Design: High-visibility, monofilament suture.

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GORE-TEX is an innovative technical material that utilises the waterproof properties of nylon. Originally, nylon was the go-to material for weatherproof clothing. However, it doesn't allow water vapours to pass through, which means nylon clothing traps sweat inside. Engineers realised that hikers needed a more comfortable option Gore-Tex Pro 3 Layer / 28,000mm HH, RET: <6 Weighs 618g (Medium size) Now £414.99 £345.83 RRP £449.99 £374.99 | Save: £35.00 £29.1

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00:00 Hey y'all00:12 What is Gore-tex01:05 My Experience with Gore-tex02:03 Issues 02:13 Sweaty 02:59 Rain 03:46 Water Crossings0.. Waterproof Breathable. Rockywoods carries Waterproof Breathable Fabrics for your jacket, coat, rain and snow pants, and gaiters in a variety of weights, colors and patterns. We even offer fabrics from brands like Gore-Tex, and WeatherTek. ****Waterproof breathable fabrics, despite its name, should not be used to cover your mouth. By breathable.

Musto Gore-Tex Mid Layer Blouson Jacket 2021. The ultimate middle layer for long distance sailing. Waterproof and breathable, this Musto Mid Layer GORE-TEX® Blouson jacket is lined in exceptionally warm Arctec 240 grid fleece. The close-fitting collar sits comfortably beneath another jacket with full articulation for free movement As with all its other membranes, Gore says C-Knit is 100%, while Polartec claims 99.9% for NeoShell. In that tenth of a percent lies a fundamental difference in performance. While pressure (heat. Legwear Type. Waterproof Legwear ( 20) Ski Legwear ( 8) Full Length Trousers ( 6) Price. £110 £400. Colour. Black ( 24 #Parka made in 2 Layers GORE-TEX Paclite #technology - waterproof, #windproof and breathable. It has adjustable drawstring on collar and #waterproof.. Musto Gore-Tex Middle Layer Blouson is a very warm, close fitting, Artic fleece mid-layer men's jacket which is ideal for long distance sailing in cold conditions. This super stylish men's jacket has articulated sleeves for unrestricted movement when active and has fluorescent trim to help keep you visible in poor light

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Designed to be the ultimate in waterproofing and breathability, Gore-Tex is known for keeping the elements out while being breathable. With our wide selection of Gore-Tex jackets in many different colors and cuts from the best brands out there, you won't have a tough time finding a jacket that matches your aesthetic on the slopes. If you're looking for the extreme in waterproofing and. Gore-Tex Pro and Gore-Tex Active use a 3-layer construction, unlike the 2-layer construction, this construction bonds the Gore-Tex membrane to both the outer fabric and the inner lining. The benefit: no movement between the layers, which means less wear and tear, and enhanced durability The interior of the 3 layer garment is often grey as the gore-tex is white, and the inside layer is a black mesh material, like fine bug-netting. (think of the Grey album, a mix of Jay-Z's Black album, and the Beatles' White album) 3 layer is more durable, and doesn't develop a sweat-soaked, baggy inside layer after a day of riding Upon arc exposure, the GORE-TEX PYRAD® Fabric reduces convective heat flow and stop flames or damage from an arc flash by forming a carbonaceous char with the fabric. Second, h eat transfer is reduced. The physical integrity of the fabric is maintained effectively for reduced heat transfer to the skin

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Das Beste vom Besten für die richtigen Outdoor-Enthusiasten. Mit der GORE-TEX® 3L Psycho Bib Pants kannst du dir sicher sein, dass du perfekt ausgestattet bist. Das stylishe Design ist die Fassade der dahintersteckenden Technologien. Das 3-lagige GORE-TEX® bietet Windproofing und Waterproofing für einen langanhaltende Base Layers & Thermals; Find Gore-Tex jackets for women, long parkas, pouch-compressible choices, and much more in our waterproof women's jackets selection. Shop our full range of women's waterproof hiking jackets online today to start getting kitted out for your next adventure and get free delivery on orders over £79 to mainland UK Our divisions of Technical Textiles, SIGMA® Armor, ARCTOS® Performance, VELTI Apparel, and IFESTOS® Fire & Rescue focus on specific technologies

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Gore-Tex® on Clearance: Average savings of 59% at Sierra. Free Shipping on Orders $89+ With Code: SHIP89. See Details . ×. Free standard ground shipping when you meet the minimum order amount indicated, before taxes and shipping charges. To redeem offer at checkout, enter the listed code, or, if offer indicates that no code is required, free. Dustin Johnson puts his trust in the Gore-Tex Two-Layer Jacket, and like his 2015-2016 season, it's mightily impressive. The simple design will appeal to most, and it does the basics not just. Volcom mens L Gore-tex 2 Layer Laminate Snow Jacket. 4.3 out of 5 stars 38. $243.99 $ 243. 99 $260.00 $260.00. FREE Shipping. Grundens Men's Downrigger GORE-TEX Jacket | Waterproof, Breathable. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. gore tex jacket goretex pants ecwcs level 6. Simms Fishing, famous for waders made in Bozeman, MT, offers the best fishing & fly fishing gear and apparel. Shop Simms online for the best products and deals Volcom Stone GORE-TEX Jacket $440.00 - $470.00. View Selections. Compare. Please select at least one more item to compare. Spyder Field GORE-TEX Jacket $399.00 $254.36 Limited Time. View Selections. Compare. Please select at least one more item to compare. Spyder Tenmile GORE-TEX Anorak $449.00 $336.75 Sale

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Non GORE-TEX fabrics. eVENT: This 3 layer membrane is by far the biggest competitor to W.L Gore's fabric. Similar to GORE-TEX in that it is a ePTFE, however the pores of the membrane are lined with an oleophobic and hydrophobic (oil and water hating) chemical. By doing this eVent remains air permeable Gemacht für Abenteuer im Schnee - der GORE-TEX® 2-Layer Psycho Tech Anorak hat hohe Ansprüche an Technik und Style. Gore Waterproofing, getapte Nähte, leichte O'Neill Blue Isolierung, lösungsmittelfreie und wasserabweisende Beschichtung, einfache Verknüpfung mit O'Neill Pants, Innenbünde an den Handgelenken mit Daumen 9P3002. Voor serieuze outdoor-liefhebbers is er geen betere ski-/snowboardbroek dan de GORE-TEX 3L Psycho Bib Pants, een gelikt ontwerp met verbazingwekkende technische specs. De drielaags GORE-TEX-stof biedt een weergaloze water- en winddichtheid en ademend vermogen, perfect voor langdurige, extreme belasting. De broek is voorzien van handige ritszak op de borst evenals vele andere zakken en.

Top 10 Snow Gloves That Will Keep Your Hands Warm In TheLeo Houlding&#39;s Spectre Expedition Speaker TourDanner RAT 8&quot; USMC Gore-Tex® Boots, Temperate WeatherAsics GT-2000 2 G-TX - Mens Running Shoes - BlackShoei RF-1200 Parameter Full Face Helmet - Riders Choice

Highline Pro 3L GORE-TEX® Shell Snow Jacket for Men. Simply put, the Highline Pro 3L GORE-TEX® is our best for your best. When you're carving wide-open faces, chutes packed with powder or building kickers, the 3-Layer GORE-TEX® membrane — with its industry-leading waterproofing, breathability and weight reduction — gives you the freedom to ride wherever your imagination takes you Staying safe in extreme weather starts with what you're wearing. [ak] offers a system of layers with options for base, mid, and shell protection that work together to keep you warm, dry, and safe. Shed a base layer while climbing or add a GORE-TEX shell on the ride down to ensure comfort throughout the mission Men's Gore-Tex jacket - green GRANDS MONTETS GTX JKT M. Regular Price: 279,99 €. Special Price. 195,99 €. -30%. Compare In addition, 3-layer jackets breathe reasonably well and high-end Gore-Tex-equipped models are market leaders in protection in the harshest conditions. If you stick to the resort, either a 2- or 3-layer build can do the trick, but we recommend a 3-layer option for the ski touring crowd